1.Vet (n) – to examine something carefully
synonyms: screen, assess, evaluate, appraise, weigh up etc.
Use : “proposals for vetting large takeover bids”

2. Contingent (n) – a group of people with a common characteristic
synonyms: group, party, body, band, set etc.
Use : there is a contingent of American scientist attending the “Young mind “award show.

3. Farce (n) -a ridiculous situation or event
synonyms: absurdity, mockery, travesty, sham, pretence, masquerade etc.
Use : The movie was a complete farce, showing how ridiculous the actors viewed politics.

4. Bonhomie (n) – friendliness; a pleasant, good-natured manner
synonyms: geniality, congeniality, conviviality, cordiality, affability etc.
Use : The life-long friends experienced a sense of bonhomie whenever they got together.

5. Swan song (n) – farewell appearance , the last act or manifestation of someone or something
synonyms:  windup , adieu, climax, conclusion etc.
Use: This building turned out to be the swan song of Victorian architecture.

6. Audacious (adj.) – bold , daring
synonyms: fearless, intrepid etc.
Use : Cooper was an audacious soldier who never ran from a battle.

7. Altruistic (adj.) – sincerely concerned about the well being of others
synonyms: unselfish, selfless, self-sacrificing, self-denying etc.
Use : Patricia hopes hundreds of altruistic people will attend her fundraising dinner.

8. Cataclysmic (adj.) – an abrupt forceful event
synonyms: disastrous, catastrophic, calamitous, tragic, devastating etc.
Use : The terrorist attack on September 11, 2001 was a cataclysm of destruction.

9. Hoodwink ( v) – to trick or deceive someone
synonyms:  dupe, outwit, fool, delude, cheat etc.
Use : The con artist was arrested when he tried to hoodwink the undercover police officer.

10. Accentuate (v) – to highlight
synonyms: focus attention on, bring/call/draw attention to, point up etc.
Use : The bright colored eyeliner will accentuate Ann’s beautiful eyes.

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